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4 out of 5 stores are buying our products in                    all of Grenada
Do you have materials to promote Summer in store?
Yes! We have posters and shelf talkers we provide to customers who carry our products. In addition, we can arrange for product sampling to introduce customers to the taste of Summer.
The graphics to the right is are samples of the poster and the shelf talker
Where/How do you ship?
We can work with a number of shippers to get Summer to your door.  It’s best to contact us directly info@summer.gd to discuss your specific requirements
How long does Summer stay fresh?
Is there spoilage?
As we do not add preservatives to our products, product safety, quality and shelf life are maintained by carefully pasteurizing and adding lime juice which is a natural preservative. Our products are shelf stable unopened for six months.  All products are stamped with a best before date.
As our product is made with real fruit, from time to time an unopened bottle will spoil and can be identified by how it may swell up on the shelf.  As we stand behind our products we ask stores to pull these items from their stock and let us know, we will happily replace these items in inventory.
Can you advise on your wholesale pricing?
Please give us a call! We can discuss your specific requirements and advise on the wholesale pricing based upon your volumes and location.