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4 out of 5 stores are buying our products in                    all of Grenada
How does Summer sweeten its juice?
The juices we make are
‘lightly sweetened’ with cane sugar to bring them back to the sugar
levels of the original fruit. We want to ensure the beverage tastes like
the fruit and is not overpowered with the sweetener.  All nutritional
information is included on our bottles.
Where to buy our juices in Grenada?
Summer has wholesale customers island wide from large grocery chains to small corner stores. We are looking to be in every fine retailor on the island.
Our products are available at all major island supermarkets. The major ones include: Andells – Island wide locations, Foodland – various locations, Foodfair – Grand Anse and Carenaige, Real Value IGA, CKs Super Value.
Fine local restaurants, Umbrella’s, Rik’s Café, Whisper Cove, Coconut Beach.
Le Chateau to name a few.
What health and safety processes do you follow?
We take pride in creating a product that is made under high standards of health, in a modern clean facility. All the employees who make the juices are health certified. 
Summer has been certified by the Grenada Ministry of Health and the Grenada Bureau of Standards and our bottles are ready to export to English speaking countries. Summer is working towards Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP). This is a food industry standard that is makes it easier to export to other countries.
Summer is also working towards National Organic Program (NOP) certifications