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Jennifer Gabrial

Jennifer has been with us for a year and a half now. She has been working expertly handling the phones for all of our new customers. Our participation with the years marathon would not have gone as smoothly  without your help!

Thank you Jennifer! 
  • You have been a great help with welcoming new customers
  • Your organizaiton skills helped this years marathon greatly
  • Your sunny smile is wonderful to around!
Thank you and congratultions on winning
Employee of the month!

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Hi Steph. These thank you pages are a great way to get people talkiing about Summer and spreading the word about your products and community services. Here you can not only congratulate your star employee but as well, all employees involved in the event. Its a way of mixing appreciation, news and
Marketing all in one. You could draft up a page and write a little blurb for each of your employees and feature a new person each month showcasing something they are doing right to reinforce the positive behavour. You can modify their specific contribution with the new pics here and the new bullet points above.
In here is a good way  to promote good will by naming as many as possible friends of the company. Everything you do on this website is designed to give you something to talk about as in "Hey we mentioned you on our employee of the month page! " Your the best! Thank you.
To drive home you oveall point of WE CARE! Your mission statement here that states your committment to the community and your employees. i.e.
Summer believes in the farmers of Grenada and endevors to promote of a vibrant and prosperous communitee for all Grendians.
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